2018 Updates

Many thanks to those of you who have become loyal followers, and supporters of our efforts! With only a small number of people “running the show” in terms of technology and marketing, it tends to become overwhelming and sometimes difficult to find time for regular updates. We have been very busy behind the scenes, both with PGVAI and personal accomplishments.  Thankfully, we re-convened early this summer to plan the future of PGVAI.  A lot of work has happened behind the scenes which we are excited to share.  The future is looking up!  First off, some updates from the village:

  • As mentioned in the last post, the village started keeping goats. Since then the group has grown to more than 300! The adults goats are able to provide food, as well as additional income to the people.
  • 10 varieties of fruit producing trees have been planted, including apples, passion fruit (which makes delicious wine!)
  • The people have been learning and passing on business knowledge.  The discipline of regular progress meetings and book keeping has helped improve progress.  Culture has been incorporated into the meetings through prayer.
  • The village has began contributing to the local economy through the purchase of food from local farmers, as well as by renting out goats.

Please view our updated photos!

As for us… we are hoping to re-launch our social media initiative to share our photos, as well as update this website (however, a timeline for this has not yet been established).  Augustine has been hard at work creating fine art, and researching a small business plan to fund more PGVAI projects. We intend to host an event to get the word out and celebrate the progress so far. We look forward to sharing more details about our upcoming plans later this summer!


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