We are a registered non profit, non governmental and social investment, Community Organization, promoting and advancing responsible, integrated and sustainable Rural Community Development, in West Nile sub-region, of north western Uganda.

Our Objectives.

We undertake responsible social investments, to provide community access to targeted education, skills training and development, to clean and safe water, to affordable healthcare and medical treatment, to affordable, dependable, sustainable sanitation and hygiene, to agriculture, agricultural business, agro-forestry and fisheries, to food sufficiency, security and nutrition, to sports, fitness and wellness, to micro financing and bank savings, to renewable, affordable, reliable and sustainable sources of energy, to improved rural housing and settlements and to environmental awareness, conservation, protection and effective management, to reduce the impact of climate change and carbon foot print, for sustainable living.

Our Vision Statement.

Our vision is to work consistently, with rural communities in West Nile sub-region, of north western Uganda, as equal partners in social development, to create and generate accessible and dynamic community environment, in which to empower, inspire, encourage, facilitate and support, local community initiatives and efforts, to provide employment, for income generation, to improve household incomes and livelihoods, to achieve a measure of poverty reduction, to better conditions and standards of living, in a sustainable way.

Our Mission Statement.

Our focus and priority, is to provide special assistance, to women, girls, youth, children in general and people living with disabilities, to achieve maximum impact, in effective public services delivery, local community engagement and participation, as we facilitate direct access to vital resources and services, to undertake the promotion and advancement of social justice, liberal democracy, human rights and freedoms, civic and citizen responsibility, accountability, transparency and community ownership and equitable use of local, vital resources.

We believe and hope that, together, we can make a meaningful difference, in other people’s lives, to ensure a better world, for all humanity to live, in a sustainable way, while we use and strive to protect our natural environment and resources, for future generations, to come.

Local initiatives and efforts.

Locally, we strive to build, develop and promote working relations and partnerships, for supporting/sponsoring our local development needs, here in Calgary, Alberta and abroad, through mutual co-operation, understanding and effective engagement, with local community organizations, government agencies, corporate business community, Charitable Foundations, civil society groups and the public at large.

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