2018 Updates

Many thanks to those of you who have become loyal followers, and supporters of our efforts! With only a small number of people “running the show” in terms of technology and marketing, it tends to become overwhelming and sometimes difficult to find time for regular updates. We have been very busy behind the scenes, both with PGVAI and personal accomplishments.  Thankfully, we re-convened early this summer to plan the future of PGVAI.  A lot of work has happened behind the scenes which we are excited to share.  The future is looking up!  First off, some updates from the village:

  • As mentioned in the last post, the village started keeping goats. Since then the group has grown to more than 300! The adults goats are able to provide food, as well as additional income to the people.
  • 10 varieties of fruit producing trees have been planted, including apples, passion fruit (which makes delicious wine!)
  • The people have been learning and passing on business knowledge.  The discipline of regular progress meetings and book keeping has helped improve progress.  Culture has been incorporated into the meetings through prayer.
  • The village has began contributing to the local economy through the purchase of food from local farmers, as well as by renting out goats.

Please view our updated photos!

As for us… we are hoping to re-launch our social media initiative to share our photos, as well as update this website (however, a timeline for this has not yet been established).  Augustine has been hard at work creating fine art, and researching a small business plan to fund more PGVAI projects. We intend to host an event to get the word out and celebrate the progress so far. We look forward to sharing more details about our upcoming plans later this summer!


Goats a Symbol of Good Things to Come

Just look at how beautiful those healthy looking goats are. It gives one a sense of the real world, with which we are hoping to work really hard, to empower our local women and youth, to do more with less, to earn a better living now and to safe for future generations.
From just 35 goats not long ago to 82 now and growing fast, is very encouraging and supportive of every effort we make in creating the right conditions and environment, for rural communities to optimize their potential and excel, towards achieving substantive poverty reduction, in the next five to twenty years of hard and consistent work.
More pictures to come soon!

Fundraising for Social Investments in Community Development.


We are a registered non profit, non governmental, social investment rural community organization, with a mandate to operate in West Nile sub-region of north western Uganda.

Our focus is women, girls and youth empowerment, among other things, to foster social change, through targeted community education and skills training, for functional, effective, efficient application and use of vital resources, for productive, progressive, integrated and sustainable rural community development, by creating contusive and enabling economic, social and political environment, for income generation to dramatically improve household incomes and livelihoods, for sustained food sufficiency, security and significant poverty reduction.

Working closely with local communities, we have embarked on a number of social investment projects, in which local women, girls and youth in general participate in different aspects of such development projects, as owners to see them through to success, for the common good of all members of these communities.

The most notable are:-

1- Fendu and Karube Community Goat Farm.

This is a three acre community goat farm, which is on land donated by the local community. It is used for goat breeding and raring, as a sustainable business, owned and operated by local women, girls and youth, as potential means of income generation.

It also serves as the first local goat breeding and raring demonstration farm, accessible to all other communities, throughout the West Nile sub-region.

The facility has been well fenced, with a nicely built goat house and two young dogs, under the care and supervision of a local caretaker, to watch over the farm, during the night.

We have purchased and stocked the farm with a total of 37 young goats, which are fast growing and soon will start breeding.

This is a long term social investment in an economic and social development project, through which we hope to produce and market goat meat, goat milk, goat cheese, goat soap, goat lotions, goat candles, goat skins and hides among others, in existing and ever growing local, sub-regional, regional and continental markets.

We are targeting continental export markets, in hopes of bringing in much needed foreign exchange, to power local investments, to improve rural community living conditions and standards, at local community levels.

The future looks bright for our local rural women, girls, youth and their communities, we have full confidence in the success of this project, right from the start.

2- Community based Corner Stores.

We have successfully invested in three such stores, selling mainly local produce, in addition to a variety of well targeted consumer products and or goods, which have been selling very well, as we have managed to buy in bulk and sell at highly affordable prices, as most if not all, our current customer base is relatively poor, with very little or next to nothing disposable incomes.

The response has been quite amazing so far, as we are employing new local marketing and sales techniques and customers service, care and appreciation initiatives and or incentives. So far we are winning the competition, by being able to attract new customers and keep them coming back, for repeat businesses, conversations and local gossip.

At this very moment we are in the process of completing construction of a brand new store, built in brick and mortar. It will be our first, self constructed and owned store, but our forth store to open for business, in the near future.

Exploring new funding opportunities.

We are constantly looking for new funding opportunities and sources, in which we want to be participants as equal partners, working with local Calgary businesses, to help support our social investments in various different community based and owned income generating, social development projects.

We strongly believe in the long term benefits of social investments to empower rural communities, who actively participate in such local initiatives, as equal partners and owners of local resources, as opposed to charitable giving, in which less responsibility, accountability and transparency may become counter productive, in the long as charitable funding of economic, social and political development can have diminished or limited impact on those who are supposed to benefit from such assistance.

In our past trials and adventures, in using African music and dance, as away to raise funds, through well organized community parties and working with local community focused pubs, we quickly established that, a very attractive, active, but rather dormant niche market definitely exists, in the city of Calgary.

I was among the first few Africans interested in opening up African music and dance, to the local Calgary community. My experience has been quite a pleasant one, with a positive note on African music and dance, as alternative, for attracting additional business, for local punks, which have music and dance programming as part of their marketing and sales strategies.

Targeting African music and dance market, in Calgary.

As I have closely followed social events in this city over the past several years, I have found that an expanding and growing niche market for African music and dance crowd is ready to be activated and exploited to the fullest.

In my personal knowledge and experience, African music and dance supply, packaging, targeted but aggressive marketing and competitive presentation, without any compromises in comprehensive service delivery, in presenting top quality African music for dancing, has not been undertaken by any social clubs, including pubs and or restaurants, in this city, despite the uniqueness, vibrancy, beauty, social acceptance and enormous enjoyment of African popular music and dance, right across the whole world, although more prominent in specific pockets of some of the most culturally diverse cities of the world, outside continental Africa.

We are convinced and strongly believe that Calgary is now ready more than ever, to accept and fully embrace African music and dance, as a formal alternative entertainment source, which can help generate additional income for pubs which target this niche market and promote African music and dance in it.

We are prepared to work with pubs as equal partners, to develop comprehensive, but simple business marketing, promotion and sales strategy, for entering and exploring the potential for African music and dance, as a viable alternative entertainment source, for attracting additional business, to increase local market share effectively and gainfully, with minimum use of available resources.

We believe that chances and the potential for bringing in additional customers and keeping them are from fair to good and can only grow and become bigger and better from thereon, assuming all other factors remain positive and favourable, in a highly competitive pub and restaurant business environment, in this city, whose African presence has continued to grow by leaps and bounds, yet they have nowhere to go for a regular African music dance and or reception and entertainment. We want to change that.

Here is what we suggest and highly recommend needs to be done, to better evaluate and understand the niche market and it’s potential to sustain any investments, to promote and market African music and dance, as a viable alternative entertainment, hoping to bring in additional customers, to generate additional revenues, while remaining competitive and relevant in the broader market.

1- A quick market survey.

We need to design and develop a simple questionnaire, which asks a number of straight forward and open ended questions, for potential market niche to respond to, as we want to know public opinions, views, interests, preferences, choices, needs, demands etc.. relative to African music and dance as alternative form of social entertainment, in a pub and or restaurant environment.

2- Advertisements for promotional trails.

On the basis of our survey results, we need to advertise and market a series of events, for promotional trials, which are staged on specific day of the week, especially over the week ends, either on Fridays or Saturdays.

We suggest and prefer that all promotional events are without any cover charges, as a short term incentive, in hopes of exceeding our expectations, by bringing in good crowds.

We also suggest and recommend that promotional events be held for one full month, which must be supported by strong advertisements, including but not limited to word of mouth and consistent presentation of the very finest African music and dance beats, from some of Africa’s best international Artists and Performers, with universal appeal, such as Koffi Olomide, Fall Epupa, Ferri Golla, Papa Wemba, to mention but a few from the DR Congo and many other top musicians, from across the African continent.

3- Enlist the services of a prominent and enthusiastic African Music DJ.

We will seek to use the services of an excellent performing African Music DJ personnel.

In addition to that we will also establish a mechanism to have access to collect and assemble more African music than what we already have on our existing list.

Hopefully the promotions are a success, which we have reason to believe will be and on approval of Management of a pub and or restaurant, we can and will move ahead, with plans to market African music DJ services, featuring authentic African dance music for regular entertainment of customers on weekly basis, for which details of events will be made available to the public, through all forms of communication outlets and means, including but not limited to social media.

Please, contact Mr. Augustine Yada. Executive Director, Project Green Villages Africa Institute. For more information, you can reach us at, augustine44pgvai@gmail.com, afkyada@hotmail.com and (403) 473-3679 Mobile.

Reinventing the business of integrated rural community development, in West Nile sub-region, of north western Uganda.

To find lasting solutions, to some of sub-Saharan Africa’s economic, social and political problems, is to profoundly reinvent the business of rural community development, from bottom up and at local community levels.

In the West Nile sub-region, of north western Uganda, Project Green Villages Africa Institute, is positioning itself, in working together with local communities, to reconstitute, reform, revamp and revolutionize, the development narrative of rural communities, across the sub-region, through prudent social investments, in massive education, skills training, human resource development, deployment and harnessing.

An integrated and sustainable rural community development can be widely achieved, through further social investments, in effectively and efficiently harnessing the power of the sun and wind, to produce, clean, affordable, reliable, dependable and sustainable electricity, from these and other renewable energy sources.

With the advent of off-grid or micro grid electricity supply, through a combination of solar and wind power, we can be assured of reliable and dependable source of renewable energy, to power rural agricultural communities, to a new and higher level of economic, social and as well as political advancement, progress and prosperity, with or without any government participation or direct involvement.

With plenty of clean electric power supply, highly affordable and readily available to all rural farming communities, agricultural activities and agri-businesses can be further diversified, by investing in small and medium size cottage industries, for light manufacturing and processing of locally produced crops and farm animals.

Investing in new technologies, innovation, equipment and machinery, will create hundreds of new and exciting jobs and provide much needed employment, for rural communities, especially women and youth.

Income levels of rural households will dramatically increase. This will eventually lead to improving conditions and standards of living, by effectively alleviating and reducing poverty levels, improving nutrition and hygiene, giving more people the opportunity to access better healthcare services, for medical treatments, affording families to invest in better housing, with improved and sustainable sanitation and wellness. Better education for school age children, will become increasingly affordable, as more families will earn better incomes, as wages will be expected to increase.

Life in rural communities will be expected to change dramatically and with it will change migration patterns, as more youth will return to rural communities, from urban centres, in search of available jobs, especially in newly established cottage industries, for light manufacturing and processing of agricultural produce.

A totally new life will be born in rural communities. There will be plenty of jobs and lots of money to be made, for those who will work hard. With more and more money circulating around, new and improved social services will spring up across the sub-region.

There will be plenty of affordable electricity, making life a lot easier, for rural communities, who will benefit enormously, through use of house hold appliances and equipment, which was once the preserve of rich urbanites.

Solar and wind power are the way forward, among other sources of renewable energy, for rural agricultural communities, not only in the West Nile sub-region of north western Uganda, but the whole of rural Africa, especially rural sub-Saharan Africa.

The potential to shift and change the dynamics of rural community development are enormous, with endless opportunities and possibilities, for everybody involved, from private sector investors and governments, to NGOs, civil society groups and local communities.

Indeed, this is a new era of civilization for rural community living, in a much more sustainable way, in which to conserve and protect the natural environment, by effectively mitigating impacts of climate change and removing carbon footprint effectively.

About Us!

Our About Us page is now up! Please read our vision, mission, and objectives:

We are a registered non profit, non governmental and social investment, Community Organization, promoting and advancing responsible, integrated and sustainable Rural Community Development, in West Nile sub-region, of north western Uganda.

Our Objectives.

We undertake responsible social investments, to provide community access to targeted education, skills training and development, to clean and safe water, to affordable healthcare and medical treatment, to affordable, dependable, sustainable sanitation and hygiene, to agriculture, agricultural business, agro-forestry and fisheries, to food sufficiency, security and nutrition, to sports, fitness and wellness, to micro financing and bank savings, to renewable, affordable, reliable and sustainable sources of energy, to improved rural housing and settlements and to environmental awareness, conservation, protection and effective management, to reduce the impact of climate change and carbon foot print, for sustainable living.

Our Vision Statement.

Our vision is to work consistently, with rural communities in West Nile sub-region, of north western Uganda, as equal partners in social development, to create and generate accessible and dynamic community environment, in which to empower, inspire, encourage, facilitate and support, local community initiatives and efforts, to provide employment, for income generation, to improve household incomes and livelihoods, to achieve a measure of poverty reduction, to better conditions and standards of living, in a sustainable way.

Our Mission Statement.

Our focus and priority, is to provide special assistance, to women, girls, youth, children in general and people living with disabilities, to achieve maximum impact, in effective public services delivery, local community engagement and participation, as we facilitate direct access to vital resources and services, to undertake the promotion and advancement of social justice, liberal democracy, human rights and freedoms, civic and citizen responsibility, accountability, transparency and community ownership and equitable use of local, vital resources.

We believe and hope that, together, we can make a meaningful difference, in other people’s lives, to ensure a better world, for all humanity to live, in a sustainable way, while we use and strive to protect our natural environment and resources, for future generations, to come.

Local initiatives and efforts.

Locally, we strive to build, develop and promote working relations and partnerships, for supporting/sponsoring our local development needs, here in Calgary, Alberta and abroad, through mutual co-operation, understanding and effective engagement, with local community organizations, government agencies, corporate business community, Charitable Foundations, civil society groups and the public at large.